de|pressed [ dı`prest ] adjective **
1. ) not usually before noun if you are depressed, you feel very unhappy because of a difficult or unpleasant situation that you feel you cannot change:
depressed about: He was very depressed about losing his job.
depressed by: We were very depressed by the poor response from parents.
feel depressed: I began to feel more and more depressed.
a ) suffering from a medical condition in which you feel so unhappy that you cannot live a normal life:
clinically depressed: After she lost the baby, Ella became clinically depressed.
2. ) usually before noun a depressed area, industry, or economy does not have enough business, employment, or money
3. ) usually before noun a depressed level, amount, or price is lower than usual

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.